Letter From Santa

This is an example of our Letter from Santa. It is printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Please note: the background may vary from that shown due to availability. No two letters are exactly the same so you can order one for each child in your family. The coloring page is also personalized with your child's name in the upper left corner.

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From our customers:

"I wanted to thank you for the great Santa letter for my children. They really enjoyed them and loved how they were personalized with special information about them.  Wanted to let you know, wish you a Merry Christmas and say thanks."  -  - Lori S.

"My daughters received their Santa letters yesterday.  The 5 year old was so excited she has told every one she sees about her letter.  Even my 11 year old was intrigued by how unique and customized these letters are.  They are amazing!! Next year I will be ordering again.  My girls are coloring the color pages Santa sent them right now so they can put out with his cookies and milk.  These letters do not look like the normal form letters with just their names filled in.  These were truly written for them.  I can't believe how affordable they are for the work you must have put in to them.  Thank you very much and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas! "  Cindy H.

"II received the letters yesterday. Thank you so much, they were great. The kids loved them."  - April T.

"The letter arrived today and my grandson was so tickled to hear from Santa himself.  Thank you so much." - Ruth T.

"My son and daughter so enjoy your letters and coloring pages.  They love the fact that Santa really does know about them. I purchased both the Santa letters and Bunny letters and I will be back next season." 
 - Teresa W.

"I recommend your letters to my friends.  They are well written and affordable."   - Verlla G.

"Wow, my son was doubting that there was a Santa until he got this letter.  He once again became a believer, thanks for giving us one more Christmas with our "little" boy. - Jennifer W.

"We loved the Santa letters!  My kids asked us to read them over and over again.  They had so much information about each of them; now they believe Santa really does know what they are doing." - Jeanette O.



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Text of sample letter:

Dear Josh,

Christmas is just around the corner an all of us at the North Pole are very busy trying to get everything ready.  My suit is nearly done and the sleigh is washed and polished.  The reindeer have been taking practice flights, so watch for Rudolph's red nose in the sky.  The elves in my workshop are almost finished making the Christmas gifts.  Speaking of presents, I know that you would like a Batman car, a Michael Jordan doll, and a Creepy Crawler so that you can make bugs.  You know I've been watching and you've been pretty good this year.   I'll see what I can do.

Your Mom and Stephen told me that you enjoy playing on your computer, watching movies, and playing basketball.  I also know that you like to read and write.  I'll bet you're good at it too.  Would you write "Hi Santa" and leave it out form me to see on Christmas Eve?   I like eating cookies and looking at the beautiful Christmas trees.  Frosty likes the snow.  We are hoping for a white Christmas this year so Frosty can ride along and see all the decorated houses in the Chillicothe area.  If it does snow try to build a snowman for Frosty to play with while I'm leaving your presents and filling your stockings.

All of us at Santa's Workshop wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!.  And Don't Forget:

                                              "I know when you've been sleeping,
                                                     I know when you're awake.
                                              I know when you've been bad or good,
                                                     So be good for goodness sake."

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